Achieving a home sale at almost 100% full value

In an ideal world we would all like to receive that 100% sale. However sadly this is not the case even with the use of an estate agent it is unlikely you will achieve your expected sale goal. The reality is when buying a home buyers always like to push negotiations in order to feel as though they are getting a bargain. If however you are looking for a quick sale When using other quick sale companies offering to sell your house fast for 100% market value sadly the fact is you will only ever achieve 70% or below of your property valuation. Annoying as it is for the home seller there is good news flying homes clients have averaged a 94%-95% sales of the sale value. You can see for yourself at the many happy customers actual prices of homes sold.

Getting A Quick House Sale And Still Achieving 100% Market Value Is Possible.

Say no to quick property buyers and their 70% sale value

Unfortunately there are businesses such as quick property buyers and quick sale buyers who quite often unfairly purchase properties cheaply at below market value sometimes even as low as 65%. these companies buy up properties as cheap as possible in order to sell to another buyer through the term what is known as flipping.

Flipping is given this name as it is the process of buyers purchasing properties cheaply off plan, unfinished or un-built and selling on to another buyer for a profit. The profit can constantly accumulate and fuel these quick property buyers companies. Reports are circulating through media that flipping is once again on the rise.

Recovery signs of the housing market

The housing market is making a recovery! good news for home owners wishing to sell bad news for quick property buyers! this is because now there is no need for home sellers to be accepting 70% or below sale value on their homes. One of the biggest home builders in the UK, Barratt Homes reported a significant improvement in the housing market according to the times on the 9th of June 2013. Whilst Soaring house prices was reported by the Guardian. However as good as this news sounds a little caution must be given when noting these reports as more often than enough the newspapers can overstate and over exaggerate the market position often portraying a distorted jump of the market providing misleading results by making assumptions from one area (London and the south east) which can invert the trend.

Achieving a quick sale within the current Market

If getting a quick home sale is on your agenda and you don’t want delay. Choosing a fast cash buyer can help you achieve your sale quickly and fairly. We can achieve more for your home than other quick sales companies in operation today. Have a look for yourself at the properties that we have sold recently.

Energy efficiency can increase the value of your property?

The value of your property, can be positively affected by the energy efficiencey of your home. We are constantly reminded about CO2 emmissions and the change in climate. These factors, push home owners to improve energy saving measures. The cuts to annual fuel bills, for the average household in the UK, could increase house values throughout the country. With energy prices constantly rising, it forces many households to look for ways to cut fuel costs and lower bills. A home which has succeeded in lower costs, and saved money is an asset to selling a house and a signpost for potential viewings.

Suggestions that energy efficiency measures, have a positive effect on property

Studies by the Department of energy and Climate change (DECC) claim that if energy improvements, can be made in the home to make them more efficient to a home, this alone goes towards an increase in property values, by up to 13 percent in the UK. This percentage is increased to 38 percent in several areas of England. This survey, suggested that if the home can increase energy efficiency and performance by two bands, and upgrade their performance certificate, it can add up to £15,000 to a valuation. However, in the northern parts of England, it could drastically increase the property value by £24,000

Home owners, have increasing pressure on them , to cut their energy use. Because of climate change, the government is aware that there is a need to be energy efficient, but the cost of energy still continues to rise. If a household, is more efficient, it is a factor that contributes to property prices in the UK. This factor will become more of a deciding factor in the future.The government, with its energy efficient schemes, is responsible for the hard sell towards domestic fuel efficiency. Special deals, like the Green Deal, is helping house owners, to make energy improvements, without a great deal of cost. Subsidised schemes, for cavity wall installations, solar panels and energy efficient boilers, with an added financial help in certain cases.This helping hand, will increase the value of the home in the long run.

Some installations and improvements are costly to install. Double- glazed windows and other fuel efficiency measures, are out of reach because of costs. Although, these improvements, could be seen as beneficial, and an investment for the future. There may be an initial outlay, but fuel savings, for a predicted ten year period are considerable. a premium, can be added to the property valuation, and the EPC certificate will upgrade the energy efficiency.

Are energy efficient measures worth investing money in compared with house price rises?

An energy efficiency home is an expensive factor. Energy efficiency improvements, will not be measured properly immediately, but may have to be judged over a ten year period. Installing a ground source heat pump, provides an underfloor heating system. At the initial cost of £8,000 represents £800.00 a year running costs. Government subsidies and energy saving bills, amount to low annual bills. Solar panels, can cost around £4,000 and biomass burners can amount to £11,000 to install. The rise in property prices estimated by the DECC, could outway the cost of these energy efficient improvements.

Your house is a home firstly, but an investment for the future. Property values in the UK are noteably affected by energy and government efficiency schemes. If the energy efficiency of your home is improved,you may be rewarded in the future by increased property values.